Listings in Motion Real Estate Photography


Beautiful photography Truly matters most

You have about 7 seconds to capture a buyer’s attention when they are scrolling for properties. Let us attract that right buyer with beautiful photography. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. We want buyers to emotionally connect to your property and even 'fall in love' with your listing or property…based only on the pictures.  Photography is simply the most important tool a seller has to emotionally draw in a buyer quickly and truly matters most.

Many agents compromise on photography, suffering the consequences of stale properties with bad stigmas that eventually rub off on the agent's reputation.  Let us give you the greatest advantage over the 'typical agent' so you can easily focus and succeed at what you do best, selling Real Estate.

Listings in Motion offers beautiful, professional real estate photography for agents, homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers.  We also specialize in commercial property photography including large land developments, boutique hotels, and spas. Our included real estate virtual tours showcase your property with a modern HD design, agent branding, MLS integration, video integration, floor plan integration, printable house flyers, emailed weekly/monthly graphical statistics, YouTube publishing, interactive mobile tours, and easy social media sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Our Amazing Clients

We love our clients.  Not only for the wonderful relationships we've formed with these brokers, builders, owners, stagers, agents, and their staff, but also because they get it.  They understand the importance of a strong first impression when selling real estate and how beautiful photography sells property.